2019/2020 ACE Study Track

ACE Exam: February 11, 2020 
Hosted by Michigan Pest Management Association

Please join us in our 2019/2020 ACE Study Track. MPMA is excited to announce we’re hosting multiple study sessions to help pest management professionals achieve the Associate Certified Entomologist Certification through the Entomological Society of America. We have so many eligible and qualified PMPs throughout the Midwest who have been planning on getting their ACE, but have kept putting it off. Well, here’s your chance. 


Why get ACE Certification?

Certification can lead to better visibility, opportunities, and jobs. In today's increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are so important. Sure, you know you've got the skills to do the job, but how do you convince potential customers and employers you do?  For many career-minded professionals, certification is often the answer. Click here to learn more.

Why is the ACE Study Track for me?

MPMA will offer guidance and assistance throughout the application process, suggest study materials, host study group Saturdays and then host a one day training and proctoring event. We can help with letters of recommendations, questions about the application, creating a resume, etc…

With our year long ACE Study Track, you get the benefit of multiple study sessions, a longer window to study, take practice exams, and ask questions, and the ability to ask for guidance on questions you may have throughout the process. We’ve seen this slower and more thorough approach help more candidates achieve their ACE Certification. And yes, you also earn CEUs as you go through the process. Also, the exam day will consist of a study review in the morning and a proctored exam in the afternoon. You will learn the results of your testing immediately.

Determine if you’re eligible to apply for the ACE Certification

  • Without a Bachelor’s degree in Entomology (or related life science), you will need 5 years of pest management experience
  • With a Bachelor’s degree in Entomology (or related life science), you will need 3 years of pest management experience
  • With a Master’s degree in Entomology (or related life science), you will need 2 years of pest management experience
  • With a Ph.D. in Entomology Entomology (or related life science), you will need 1-year of pest management experience


May through Mid-February 2020 - Review study materials

  1. Attend our hosted and CEU qualifying Study Saturday Sessions – locations will be announced closer to the date so we can minimize travel time of all involved. CEU categories will be announced prior to each Study Saturday.
    a. October 12, 2019
    b. November 9, 2019
    c. December 7, 2019
    d. January 11, 2020
    e. Proctored exam on February 11, 2020
  2. Thoroughly study and review study guides and books:
    IPM for the Urban Professional: A Study Guide for the Associate Certified Entomologist
    NPMA Field Guide to Household Pests
  3. More study material, along with a sample ACE exam can be found here.
  4. We encourage you to study, study, study.

Let MPMA know you’re interested, so we can assist you the rest of the way – simply email our director rwise@mipca.org to put you on the list. MPMA is here to help you with study materials and guides. 




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