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This posting sticker requirement is taken directly from Regulation 637.

(4) A person who makes an insecticide application  to  a  commercial  or public building, health care facility, licensed day-care center, or school shall comply with this sub rule:

  1. The applicator shall, upon completion of an insecticide application, provide a sign to be displayed in a readily observable place at the primary point of entry by the building manager.
  2. The applicator shall instruct the building manager that the sign must be displayed and remain posted for not less than 48 hours after the most recent application of an insecticide.
  3. The building manager shall post all signs provided by the applicator in accordance with this sub rule.
  4. Signs that are used for posting shall be in compliance with the following specifications:
    1. The sign shall be a minimum of 2½ inches high by 2½ inches wide.
    2. Information shall be in black letters on a muted background.
    3. The sign shall have an illustration which is not less than 1¾ inches high by 2 inches wide and which depicts a cloud symbol encompassing a house. This illustration shall serve to inform the public that insecticides have been applied on the premises.
    4. The sign shall have a space provided in which the date of application is to be indicated by the applicator. This information shall read: "DATE _______________" in 1/8-inch (16-point) type.



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